Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh no, it's begun...

Those were the words my fiancé Brian used when he watched me start gathering ingredients in one hand and my blackberry to take pictures in the other hand. See I love to bake, and he knows how crazy things get when I get into my baking mojo. We call Christmas time “cookiepalooza” due to the 19 different types of cookies I whipped out last year.

I am not trained in any way shape or form on baking, I’ve learned by reading and watching. And I confess I have a tearing habit. Meaning, if I see something I want to attempt baking, I tear out the recipe, and usually throw it in my pile. Brian did the most wonderful thing and bought me a three-ring binder and those plastic page protectors so that I could organize my recipes (and pecan pie wipes off of plastic much easier). I am always looking for an excuse to bring a baked good, but of course before an item is bringable (it’s a word now), it must be tested!

In my binder I store all my tried and true recipes in the plastic protectors, and ones yet to be made are in the little pocket on the side. But it takes a lot for a recipe to earn the coveted plastic protector. See, we are also dessert snobs. Meaning, noise has to be made when someone takes the first bite. We’ve all seen the cakes and cookies that look beautiful, but in the end are just “ok” tasting. Not good enough. I want the recipes I make to be worth every single calorie, every single minute I spent making it, every single mile I have to run to work it off. Desserts need to be worth every single bite!

So in an attempt to work through my assortment of recipes still waiting to see if they have earned their spot in my book, maybe get through that Martha Cupcake book I’ve been dying to bake through, and just give me an excuse to bake…I’ve started this blog. If there is ever a tip or trick you want to send me, please do. If there is a recipe that just makes you go “Oh my God” when you first bite into it, send it my way. I’ll be baking through my arsenal of goodies that are always a must when I need to bring desert, as well as testing some recipes that have intrigued me.

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